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WHO is it?  Gender Revel Candle! 2oz Votive
2oz Votive
Our Price: $15.00
Want a creative and fun way to share the gender of your newest family member? Give a "WHO is it" candle? Within minutes your candle will change to blue or pink! Simply choose boy or girl candles and we will send you the correct candle without any identification. Give them to family, friends, co-workers! Or, give a boy candle and a girl candle to your ultra sound tech. Have them take off the tag and give you back the correct candle to find out! Wouldn't you rather find out in the comfort of your own home and with the relaxing glow of a beautiful candle. Such a lovely way to find out!!!

(Colors may vary from screen representaion)

Whether you don't want candle fragrance taking over your dinner table or you're buying a gift and don't know their favorite scent, these candles are the perfect solution! Enjoy the artful candles and the ambiance they provide without the scent! Pick your main and streak colors to match your mood or your home.

Please note at check out if you want light, medium or dark colors.

2 oz ea by weight. Bag of five.