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Rolf or Inga Scandinavian Candle Holder By Freemover - 5 sizes Rolf or Inga Candle Holder - by FREEMOVER

The Rolf candle holder has been available in Sweden and Denmark since 2011. The demand has now gone worldwide! Groupings of 3 or more lend to very dramatic effects. Rolf and Inga together create a more organic feel.

Painted beach wood in semi-matte finish.
Metal container in holder to prevent fire.
44 colors available. Quantities are limited and may take a few days or a few months to re-stock. These candle holders come from Sweden. Have a color/size you need call 608-258-2558

Rolf available sizes

Diameter 5.5cm.

Inga available sizes

Diameter 6.5.

Please note additional pricing;
Oak +$6
White or Dark Oak +$15
Teak +$45

The creation of the Rolf Candle Holder line --

Rolf was born as an appreciation of my own 50's style wooden candle holders. There are many slightly different designs from
around 50-60's both painted and in plain teak. Usually they were sold in pairs and in the same heights. I did my version in
three heights and many colours as I liked how they appear in group with different levels and mixed colours. My own
fascination is the graphical pattern that appears between the "Rolfs" when they stand together.

Maria L Dahlberg, designer

The inspiration of Inga Candle Holder-
The idea of Inga was born due to a few glass rings (wax catchers) from Nybro glasbruk that I ran into. I so much liked them that I
decided to make a candleholder for them. It should suite in style and enhance the glass rings even further. The idea of a candleholder opening like a flower to show the pattern of the glass came to my mind. Inga’s shapes is now the result of it. I also think Inga can do without the glass rings. But then it’s a different thing.
Maria L Dahlberg, designer

Please note that color representations are often difficult to standardize.
To me Pastel Turquoise looks more like a Sea Foam Green
Sky Blue looks more Turquoise
Blueberry looks more Purple. Not true purple.
Lyschel Bersch

Rolf and Inga Freemovers in Spring Colors Spring Flowers - Rolf and Inga

Flower Fields - Mix of Rolf and Inga Freemovers - 11 Spring colors

List Price: $574.45
Our Price: $574.45
Updated Price: $479.95
Savings: $94.50