Karner Blue Candle and Supply Information

We regret to inform you that at this point Karner Blue will not be re-opening their doors. With limited staff and space we have decided to focus more on the wholesale aspect of our business. For supplies please visit Candle Cocoon.

We still want to work with our customers. It may take a little longer to get in touch and our POS is gone but we are happy to help. We can do Virtual Shopping! Email info @ karnerbluecandle.com (no spaces). We can set up a time to do a Facebook live session. You can guide us around the store to view items. You can then either have your products shipped or we can do curb side pick up. Just remember that it may take a while to get in touch (1-3 days). Sorry, we can't answer the phone. It is just too hectic. Thank you for your kindness, warmth and understanding! Lyschel

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Rolf and Inga Freemovers in Spring Colors Rolf or Inga Scandinavian Candle Holder By Freemover - 5 sizes
Spring Flowers - Rolf and Inga
List Price: $574.45
Our Price: $574.45
Updated Price: $479.95